Rolling through lockdown

Keeping an energetic, racing snake mountain biker in lockdown for five weeks is risky business but when this mountain biker is without a trainer or rollers.....well that is a serious problem. For 24 year old Cobus van den Berg this was unfortunately the situation he found himself in as he mainly trains outdoors but this didn't keep him from coming up with a solution.

Cobus has proved himself as a talented mountain biker, competing in the Spur Schools MTB League from where he progressed to participating in stage races, national XCO races and marathon races while racking up some impressive results.

"I had no way of training indoors during the lockdown so my dad and I decided to build rollers from things we had around the house"

As a qualified toolmaker Cobus put his skills to work in making his own rollers , here is what he used to build it:

  • The frame of the rollers is made from an old wooden bed frame that they weren't using anymore.
  • PVC pipes for the rollers
  • The front and back PVC pipes were connected with two old bicycle chains connected together to form a chain drive long enough. The chain runs on a 15 teeth sprocket on each of the two PVC pipes
  • Old bearings were used to make the rollers run more smoothly

The design and build of this lockdown rollers project took 3 days, now Cobus can keep up with his training and hold on to his sanity!

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Rolling through lockdown
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