Artwork & Design

We use the latest full colour digital sublimation printing processes – use as much colour as you need, it has no influence on pricing.
Yes, we have a full team of designers on call waiting to design you something special – the price of which is already built into your quote. The only condition is that the client supplies the logos in a useable vector format. A minor additional cost will be charged in the unlikely event that a logo/s have to be re-drawn
Yes, we can match almost any colour found in the Pantone book accurately. Sublimation ink is vivid and powerful, allowing us to deliver bold, beautiful cycling clothing.
We print luminous colours:, pinks, yellows, greens and oranges – your sales rep is armed with a colour swatch to show you the options available. As it requires actual ink changes for our machines, there is an additional cost factored into doing this.
Just an idea really… that’s all. We can do the grunt work and inspire you
NO, the sublimation process takes place before the various panels gets stitched together to form the final product. Sublimation printing has to take place on a flat surface. Only silk-screening can be done to brand an existing item.

Ordering & Payment

Our minimum is 1 item. Keep in mind though that the price of the 1 item will include all the development, design, CTM and delivery costs – so it could be expensive. The more you order, the less per item. Pricing becomes far more reasonable around the 10 item mark.
We expect a 50% deposit before we commence with production and the remaining balance before OR ON delivery.
Shipping, should it be required will be for your account if you are not in Johannesburg and closeby areas We do though have very favourable rates with our courier to ensure costs are kept to a minimum, and delivery is prompt! KEEP IN MIND OUR FACTORY IS IN PARYS IN THE FREE STATE, SO EVEN SENDING THE GOODS TO THE REPRESENTATIVE/CLIENT OUTSIDE JHB AREA, THE SHIPPING/COURIER COSTS WILL BE FOR THE CLIENTS ACCOUNT
Contacting your rep at any stage will get you any feedback you require.
From the day that the order is placed (deposit is paid, designs, colours, fabrics, patterns and sizes are finalized it takes around 17 working days. In the busy summer season before the CapeTown Cycle Tour and the 94.7 race delivery could be up to 6 weeks - so it’s always best to plan in advance. ALSO KEEP IN MIND THE FACTORY CLOSES FOR 1 MONTH IN DECEMBER SO NO PRODUCTION WILL HAPPEN IN THAT TIME.
Yes, you are welcome to try on the shirts in any one of our four factory shops. Please organize this with your sales rep. If you cant get to our factory outlets, the sales representative you are working with will help you with sizing – either via supplied items or our detailed sizing charts.
Yes. The standard ladies cut is shaped to a women’s natural curves and is generally less restrictive in its finishes. Cycling shorts and bib shorts differ greatly from the men to womens as there are specifically engineered for our different builds as well as to house the padding specific to each sexes sit-bones.
Yes, the more you order – the lower the cost per item.