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Anatomic’s approach towards sponsorship has always been very personal; most directors and many senior staff members at Anatomic are cyclists and/or runners. We generally get involved in projects that has…

  • the growth of cycling and running at heart
  • that actively promotes long-term participation and a healthy lifestyle

Sponsorship involvement:

Spur High School Mountain bike League
Anatomic is the driving force behind the Spur High School Mountain bike League in Gauteng and North West Province. Furthermore we are involved in sponsorship in the Spur High School Mountain bike League in the Free State, Limpopo, Southern Cape and Northern Cape.

When it comes to kitting out the future talent of South African mountain bikers, we at Anatomic pride ourselves on being a co-sponsor of the National High School Provincial Mountain bike Team’s kit

Anatomic is a sponsor at the unique Johannesburg Urban Mountain bike Adventure event.

Anatomic is the title sponsor of the Dawn2Dusk 12hour running event in Tshwane

Run the Berg
Trail running has boomed in South Africa and we are proud to be a sponsor at the Run the Berg 2-day trail run event in the Drakensberg.

  • Anatomic is the presenter of South Africa’s biggest 24 hour Mountain bike event, the CEMSA Southern Skies MTB Relay & Solo in April, Parys, Free State
  • Anatomic is the title sponsor and presenter of the Crater Cruise Mountain bike Festival in Parys, Free State